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關渡藝術節自1993年創辦以來,今年邁入第二十年,也是重新審視自己立基點的最佳時機。以 CROSSOVER 為策展主題,希望從藝術家探索與鑽研的態度,勇敢地跨越障礙、嘗試跨界合作,超越自己,迎向挑戰的精神,勉勵北藝大創校第三十一個年頭,更期許擴散藝術的力量,加強社會參與,以「人」相連,加強社區、國際的連結。




Over 30, Beyond Self

Every October, lively events, festivals and performances are held all over the country. During this time, the arts and culture scene seems to have replaced the politically-charged atmosphere of “Glorious October”. It has since gradually developed into a celebration of life, people and the land.

Launched in 1993, Kuandu Arts Festival is now entering its twentieth year. So, what better time than now to examine the event’s roots? Invoking the theme, CROSSOVER, this event will infuse the inspirations of an artist’s spirit: Non-stop exploration and study, facing difficulties with courage, attempting new collaborations, overcoming self-limitations, and seeking new challenges are qualities we would like to promote and celebrate at the 31st anniversary for the Taipei National University of the Arts. We believe that people are the key to spreading the power of art, encouraging social participation, and strengthening the link between international and local communities.

Along with the changes in the times, the patterns of blending, hybrids and crossovers are not just trends seen in the art scene, but also prevalent throughout our culture and society. A new generation of children born from intercultural marriages holds perspectives that transcend the views of a single culture. Their perspective of culture is no longer limited by a singularly Taiwanese or Western worldview. Therefore, it is important to increase levels of cultural awareness and understanding among Asian countries. In 2013, we invite art groups from Japan, Macao, Malaysia, and other Asian countries to perform alongside the alumnus, students, and professors of Taipei National University of the Arts. We hope to increase levels of artistic appreciation through works that focus on topics of globalization, cultural diversity, and regional inclusiveness, as well as those that foster a perspective on contemporary Asian culture.

Kuandu Arts Festival serves as an event that makes art accessible to people through its interdependence with society. We warmly welcome you to join us in experiencing the performances, animations, films, exhibitions, seminars, art bazaar, and street parade featured at this event. With your feedback and suggestions, we will be able to achieve new heights of excellence. Together, let us create collective memories for glorious times to come.